How Our Technology Connects Your Company and Brand with Your Customers
Fireworks in the middle of Grand Central Station
2016 was the first time in history that consumers spent more time, conducted research and purchased more using mobile devices than personal computers.
  1. Any content delivered as text, mind blowing open rates, your brand and message in full color, sound, motion in seconds to those that want your latest, greatest and best.
  2. Full integration with consumers’ texts OR they can keep it as a separate HUB for the newest products, information and offers from the brands they love, all in one place.
Absolute Harmony or Complete Disruption?
Our Mobile Marketing platform can incorporate any or all types of digital media in one mobile message; matching the content of your other channels, or Not !
  1. Layer and embed Colors, Graphics, Pictures, Audio, Video, anything you use to project your brand and messaging in every message and throughout your mobile campaigns.
  2. Match the campaign you crafted across other channels OR change and personalize your messaging, moment by moment; by demographic group or consumer, anytime/anywhere.
Millions of Best Friends
While our technology captures consumers attention at astounding rates its SOUL is the ability to relate to and understand millions on a unique, personal level.
  1. Embed Engagements (questions), anywhere in your digital marketing piece. With one touch, in real time, the consumer can respond and tell you what they want and how they want it.
  2. Unique formats for asking questions, understand your customer’s wants and needs on a whole new level, using data to create demographic groups.
The Holy Grail of Marketing
Don’t merely suggest or gently lead consumers on their journey; proactively inspire them to buy, wherever they are, with 100% attribution.
  1. Ask questions, respond to the answers. With our LINKED LOGIC™ / OPTIMAL OUTCOME OFFERS, respond with the right information or offer to compel sales automatically.
  2. Embed a Bar Code, QR Code or Unique Offer Code that can be scanned or input on-line linking specific offers to sales. Accurate ROI numbers that tell the whole story.
  3. Leverage GEO location capabilities to enhance your messaging based on customer location, and know exactly when to deliver the optimal message to get them to buy.