Take the conversation directly to the customer.
5th Dimension is the first technology to allow companies to take the next step with customers, by texting them directly.
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Text directly with your audience - now.
Fast & Flexible
Mobile audiences are ready to engage: over 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, with response rates of 45%.
Custom Content
Manage all of your integrated marketing marketing campaigns from an intuitive Marketing Dashboard using our engagement builder toolset.
Detailed Analytics
Understand your customers on a whole new level, gaining valuable insights on preferences, tendencies, demographic data, and more.
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Design amazing content with our content editor.
Fully Custom
Design your own engagements from scratch or edit some of the engagements that we automatically put in your library and save as your own.
Rich Media
Make your engagements come alive with over a dozen different rich media types to choose from.
Inspire and encourage your audience with the most simple and stimulating interactive engagements.
Feedback has never been easier and more friendly allowing you to build a relationship that matters and is relevant.
Turn relationships into incremental sales.
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Customers who text back
Two-way communication and 100% attribution: With 5th Dimension, consumers respond in real time, directly text.
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Proven Path to Purchase
Gain valuable customer feedback on preferences, tendencies and demographic data to use in building out user personas or focus groups.
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